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Ray Jorden


(born 11 March 1971) is a multitalented media personality, TV & Radio Presenter, Writer, Charity Patron, and Live Stage Presenter. He is probably best known for his role as a Ghost Hunter in the worldwide TV from Syfy Australia called Haunting: Australia, and also ITV’s The Paranormal 5 amongst others (his interest in the paranormal has been over thirty years +)

To date he has appeared on channels such as "Sky, Ben TV, Syfy USA, Syfy Australia, Really TV, UKTV, Showcase Channel, KIK, 4ME, 4, Travel & Escape, Chiller Channel, Foxtel, 7 SJuan, Sky and in such countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, Sweden and Easter Europe

Born with a natural comedic ability and warm personality as a presenter, Ray was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire and where Ray resides in the county today with his husband and two French Bulldogs Hugo & Reddington.

Always the performer at school, Ray was always involved in drama, school plays and productions. Chipping away his journey since 1999 it wasn’t until 2007 when ITV came calling and gave Ray his first major TV break as Presenter, he has been climbing the stars ever since, with many TV appearances and TV/Radio credits to his name.

In 2016 Ray became a Celebrity patron of the charity Bullies Out who are based in Cardiff, having experienced bullying when he was younger, Ray believes talking about his experience and working with Bullies Out, will help stop bullying through support and education. Previously he has been involved in other charity projects such as Great Ormond Street, Salisbury Hospice, Scotties Little Soilders, LGBT causes and is a huge advocate of Suicide Awareness after losing his two best friends in 1999 three month apart.

Based on his success over the years and his international profile with a growing fan base in Australia, Ray is now channelling his presenting talents in to other TV genres such as TV Food shows and other TV/Radio Presenting areas.

Ray has now joined ASL Celebrity Chefs Management as TV, Radio Presenter & Host, ASL will also be managing all aspects of Ray’s Media inquiries/projects. 

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